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One of the biggest topics during the new presidential campaign (and well into the new presidential administration), has been the lack of job opportunities in rural America. So, how can we bring jobs “back” to America?

Paste Magazine (PM) suggests that there is an unexplored opportunity for leveraging the art world and its international reach in rural America; there is great potential to penetrate a market that currently exists only at a smaller scale in rural areas across the nation.

“Rural America has a big opportunity to be the next center of creative economic development and net migration, as creative young people look for affordable housing and unique communities away from expensive, competitive big cities,” reported PM.

The creative market has gone relatively untapped in rural America, and many talented artists go undiscovered, simply because the areas are not equipped with services to sustain the market.

By investing in expanding arts services and spaces, as well as rehabilitating older buildings, small rural communities would become more attractive to artists and ultimately would create more jobs.

Bigger spaces, “blank canvasses” and lower cost of living could easily become more attractive for artists around the world, and America would not necessarily “bring back jobs” – but explore new ones instead.

An earlier article published by Huffington Post amid Donald Trump’s presidential campaign that focused on the idea of “bringing jobs back to America,” explored the possibility of leveraging music and arts festivals for driving new job opportunities in rural America.

Read full story at: Paste Magazine


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How to ‘Bring Jobs Back to America’ Using the Art World