Source: New York Times

Studies have shown that beyond helping with creativity and fun, arts education can help children retain and learn other subjects in school as well. But New York Times reports that arts education funding is under threat across the U.S. as it is often the first class to be considered during budget cuts.

New York Times reports that when children are very young, the arts can help them develop collaboration skills, creativity, and curiosity. These skills develop over time and are definitely transferable to other areas of study.

Perhaps one of the most interesting ways in which arts education helps students beyond only the art sector is in retention.

Studies conducted by researcher Dr. Mariale Hardiman, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Education, have pointed to higher retention rates among students who learn material when arts education is integrated into the learning process. In her research, Dr. Hardiman also found that the benefits were most noticeable among students who typically achieved at a lower level in their classrooms.

“Could this be at least one lever for closing an achievement gap?” she asks.

In her research published in the journal Trends in Neuroscience and Education, Dr. Hardiman pointed to how fifth grade students who were learning science material were more likely to remember the material if they had learned it in a creative way through music or dance. Researchers say that the repetitive nature of learning through the arts helps build memory and results in more retention.

Though the arts are clearly helpful in learning other types of curriculum, researchers say that “arts integration should not replace arts education.” It should still be given its own platform and support within the education sector in order to provide children with unique learning opportunities where they can express themselves and learn to make mistakes.

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Arts Education Plays Key Role in How Children Learn in School