Video Services

Video is a medium from which the non-profit sector can honestly explore evolving business models, cultures and challenges. m/Oppenheim TV was founded as a platform to share best-practice lessons from innovative leaders in arts, media and culture; education; environment and conservation; foundations and institutes; and justice, health and human services. m/Oppenheim TV is a series of in-depth video interviews as well as media packages customized to best serve your organization’s communications goals.

Our Process

Our interview style is guided by a desire to learn and inspire learning. Therefore, we seek to create a relationship between interviewer and interviewee that is symbiotic and organic. Our interviews offer opportunities for non-profit leaders to simultaneously share their expertise with audiences in peer organizations as well as articulate an exciting vision for stakeholders involved with in the organization. Please click through our video samples to get a sense of the possibilities for what INSIGHT can offer your organization.

The edited video is intended for distribution by both m/Oppenheim and your organization. You get a chance to give editing feedback before release, and we provide embed codes to finished videos so that you may use them in your websites, newsletters, blogs and social media.

m/Oppenheim Associates distributes completed media via our website, e-mail newsletter, and social media including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, and We encourage you to embed the video to maximize audience access.

How To Contribute
If you would like to submit content to m/Oppenheim TV for consideration, please review our Editorial Guidelines.

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