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m/Oppenheim.TV is a media channel sharing nonprofit news and video content developed by, the Associated Press, news outlets from around the world, and independent writers, journalists, producers and videographers. We report on nonprofit organizations, issues and leaders across 7 nonprofit sectors: Arts, Media & Culture; Children & Families; Education; Environment; Foundations; Health; and Justice & Poverty.

Projects can be pursued as a joint venture with organizations, and all funding is dedicated to content that is freely available for viewing. is a nonprofit that funds development of content, including the INSIGHT series of interviews with nonprofit leaders. The objective of INSIGHT and all of our original content is to drive public awareness and funding support to nonprofit organizations, and to help strengthen the nonprofit ecosystem by exposing the knowledge of today’s nonprofit leaders and innovators.

INSIGHT Interview
Our interviews are designed to share knowledge, promote a strong civil society, and inspire support for nonprofits. We seek to create a relationship between interviewer and interviewee that is symbiotic and organic. To see examples of our work, please click through full INSIGHT interviews and our Previews for social media distribution. INSIGHT interviews are currently produced in two ways:

Funded by m/ funds the shoot and editing in its entirety. We select locations around the country and invite nonprofit organizations in the area to participate. We set up our portable studio in hotel conference rooms (as seen on the video) and film approximately 20 episodes during a 3 day period. The episodes then are edited by our team and released on mOppenheim.TV and distributed to our network of nonprofit professionals through email newsletters and social media channels. We also encourage participating organizations to use the video materials as a way of raising awareness of their work, a tool for fundraising, or a way to increase interaction with their constituents. The videos can be used for your website, social media channels etc. If your organization is interested in participating please submit a request, and we will let you know the locations for the shoot. Participation is completely free, as is distribution of content. mOppenheim.TV coordinates content distribution and social media activity with you to draw attention to interviews.

Jointly funded by and partners: We partner with nonprofit, including public television stations to target nonprofits in a region, and conduct, film, edit and distribute the resulting video programs. We select prominent nonprofit leaders in coordination with our partner, manage the project and scheduling, conduct the interviews in public television stations or in locations agreed with our partners, edit the interviews in our facilities, and together we shape the intro and credits. funds the project management, scheduling, and segment edits, and our partner contributes the site and the filming (which we arrange). All material is jointly owned and is released in a coordinated way through your TV channel and our website. All material must be distributed free to the general public. If you are a Public Television station and would like to collaborate with us please submit a request.

This is not a commercial endeavor, it is about strengthening civil society. The payoff is that together we create entertaining and informative content to draws attention and support to nonprofit organizations, issues and leaders in your area.

How To Contribute
If you would like to submit content to m/Oppenheim TV for consideration, please review our Editorial Guidelines.

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